Register NOW for SickCon!

Calling all Teens and Tweens to SickCon! We’re offering a special conference just for you! We know you have it really rough--your parents just don’t get it: They make you go to school, be responsible for your own stuff, and give you that ridiculous curfew that’s, like, so much earlier than all your other friends. We hear you!

Here at SickCon, we provide a forum for your frustrations. Mingle with other kids who feel the same way you do about your mom’s dorky clothes and your dad’s pathetic attempts to like your music. Share how pissed you get when your parents insist you help out with the housework, because you live in this house too, young man. Participate in panel discussions on important topics like hanging out, Minecraft, and the best apps for editing and enhancing selfies.

We’re also offering a series of breakout sessions on important current topics:
  • Exaggeration is Like, Literally, the Best Thing Ever
  • Totally Killer Apps: Kik, Snapchat, and More
  • “OMG My Parents Suck!” A Coping Strategy Session (early registration required due to high demand)
  • Lame Teachers Are Lame
  • Ten Reasons to Ditch Facebook NOW (Number One is Your Mom!)
  • Should You Go Hipster? Pick the Right Contemporary Subculture for You!
  • Grown Ups are Morons: What to Do When You Know Everything
  • Just Remember Who Pays for That iPhone, Missy

Come get amped at SickCon! It’s, like, hella cool, bruh!


Unknown said...

So funny! There REALLY should be more Kid Conferences. Now I'm just imagining toddlers stumbling around a banquet room with slicked hair and briefcases and I need a tissue because that's very funny to me...

Marla Carlton said...

LOL! Love that. Just great.

Tracy said...

Brooke, you write the syllabus for the toddler one!

Marla - Thanks!!

Miss Bougie said...

That is soooo funny! Still laughing!!!!

Tracy said...

Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it! :)

kdcol said...

Hey... do you have video and audio feed on my family?? How did you do that? This is too funny and too true.

Tracy said...

You'll never find the microphone! :)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

Darcy Perdu said...

LOVE this! Especially this one -- so true! "Grown Ups are Morons: What to Do When You Know Everything"

Tracy said...

Thanks Darcy! My 12 year old wrote the syllabus for that one!